Funding Sources

We present the funding and support of national and foreign funding agencies for coordinated research projects or with participation of PPG-REAB teachers:
  • Validity of hearing screening with smartphone application (R$ 55,144.70/R$ 30,000.00 - CNPq Propci/UFBA);
  • Knee osteoarthrosis: Effect of transcranial stimulation associated with exercises on pain, function and cortical mapping (R$ 88,300.00 CNPq);
  • Study of the Medial Olivocochlear Auditory System in Individuals with Hypothyroidism (R$ 211,200.00 -CAPES);
  • Evaluation of Growth and Development of Children in School Age Born Small for Gestational Age (R$ 110,400.00 - CAPES);
  • National Policy for Hearing Health Care: Implementation, advances and challenges (R$ 105,600.00 CAPES);
  • Voice as a working instrument (R$ 37. 071.29 - CAPES);
  • Protective strategies of dysphonia in teachers (R$ 20,736.63 - CNPq Universal Notice 2014);
  • Teaching and health working conditions: interventions for the construction of healthy work environments (R$ 74,697.06 FAPESB Pop Science 2012 - extended until 2018);
  • Integrated Laboratories and Multiusers of Basic, Applied and Translational Research in Health and Environment - (Voice and Acoustic Comfort Laboratory) (R$ 1,490,981.75 - FINEP, CT-INFRA no. 04/2018);
  • VI Occupational Voice Symposium – support for mission/participation in a scientific event (R$ 6,000.00 CNPq (AVG) process no. 453878/2018-0);
  • Study of the behavior of the acoustic measures of the Praat program in vocal evaluation (R$ 12,000.00 - CNPq Universal 2018);
  • Education, Poverty and Social Inequality Initiative (R$ 981,360.00 -MEC- SECADI - 2015/2017);
  • Study on the magnitude of work-related morbidity and mortality in Brazil (R$ 200,000.00 - Ministry of Health/PAHO);
  • Work in Agriculture and Pesticides - environmental and occupational risk factors and effects on workers' health (R$ 200,000.00 - CNPq 2018);
  • Evaluation of the comprehensive care network for people with disabilities in The SUS - REDECIN - Brazil (R$ 537,520.00 - CNPQ: Call CNPq/MS/SCTIE/DECIT/SAS/DAPES/CGSPD No. 35/2018;
  • The articulation between clinical and non-clinical actions in the rehabilitation process of subjects with symptoms in language (R$10,120.00 - Called MCTIC/CNPq No. 28/2018);
  • Randomized and blind clinical trial to the examiner who aims to investigate the impact of an interdisciplinary intervention on quality of life, complaints and performance of the oropharyngeal dynamics of swallowing of individuals with Parkinson's disease (R$60,000.00 - FAPESB Edital No. 011-2011, in force until 2014).

TOTAL: R$ 4.194.060,14